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hi guys!!

i know this communityz kinda dead so letz try to liven it up a bit!! this iz my 1st year @ UHS im a freshman way over on the east campus! my namez anna, and im 14, soon to be 15. you guyz mite know my bro.. arya, he graduated last year.

anywho, today me and my friendz snuck over to the main campus for B lunch!! whooh go us! and today waz senior olympics so there were these guyz dressed up in too-tooz!!

they posed for us so we took picz....

Click to view this Picture in Fullsize : guyz in too-tooz

sexy rite?!? hehe. wow i cant wait to get to the other campus... ;P

well i just wanted to show u guyz that! if u guyz wanna add me plz do, i love meeting new ppl!
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